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Giving Back IX  / Dad   Read >>
Giving Back IX  / Dad
As I think back with all of our wonderful memories I'm reminded that once again I forgot to give the information for your 9th Golf Outing. We held the event on Sunday June 22nd,2014 having 80 golfers present on a very nice day. When all was said and done it seems that the foursome of McIlvene,Heath, Fazio and Beam came into the clubhouse with the best score of 63.We don't know how they keep winning with the same score, apparently can't count past 63, since they won it as well last year. It's apparent we need to watch them a little closer this year. With the wonderful support of so many, including 50 hole sponsors, we were able to once again donate all of the proceeds to MRHS Football and Baseball programs,Swanzey Cal Ripken Baseball, Monadnock Marauder's Football as well as The Keene Youth Football and Spirits Program. Seth this year's outing will be held on June 28th and will probably be the last for reasons I'm sure everyone can understand. So until we meet again Love You..... Close
Giving Back VIII  / Dad   Read >>
Giving Back VIII  / Dad
As we are preparing for this years golf outing I see where I have neglected my task in discussing this one. Last June 23,2013 we held the 8th annual golf outing in your name,having 76 golfers {drinkers} on the course at Bretwood. I believe all had a good time with great raffle items giving to us by many, including Amanda with the Red Sox who each year present us with terrific items, along with IFP for their support of NE Pat's items.In taking first place in this tourney it was the team of McIlvene,Heath,Bean and Fazio all of whom you knew very well. As in the past all of the proceeds were donated to MRHS Football and Baseball programs, Swanzey Cal Ripken Baseball, and Keene Knights Football. The weather was great with the coolers cold. So until we meet again, Love and miss you Son. Close
Seth's Scholarship 2014  / Dad   Read >>
Seth's Scholarship 2014  / Dad
Seth last evening we all had the pleasure of listening to Mr Keith Wood once again making us proud of you. In your short tenure with all of us you accomplished so much, and touch more hearts than anyone I know. On and off of the athletic fields you are still remembered by many, as well as the recepient at last evenings Scholastic Awards. It's hard to imagine that someone twelve years your younger would remember you. As I stated to your Mother this award is a very good thing we do in your name, but also very emotional for us, but with Keith presenting it helps to make it all good. This years award went to Cameron Barth, and as stated by Keith I believe that he will make you very proud as an alumni of MRHS. We hope that this award will assist Cameron to accomplish his goal in life as he goes forward. Love you Son - never forgotten.... Close
My brother  / Rich (Friend)  Read >>
My brother  / Rich (Friend)
So big guy you had my back on Feb 16th 2014, I knew it, I knew you would, I have been at a loss for words sense that night. Just want to let you know I love you and thank you...I wish I could find words to talk right now but I remember you all the time and I see the folks around and they are smiling more now. Love them great people and I will always be here for them. Talk to you again soon bud. SC4 Close
Miss you...  / Rheannon DeMond (Friend)  Read >>
Miss you...  / Rheannon DeMond (Friend)
I remember Seth all the way back to second grade. We both had Mrs. Fierarello and he ALWAYS won the word search contest, and got the Hot Ball candy prize, I use to get so mad because I would be almost done, and be thinking I was really going to win this time, and then BAM Seth was done. I remember his penmanship, I know this is weird, but it was VERY good! I remember our Junior year, taking a trip up to Plymouth State and getting so ridiculously lost on the way back, and ending up in this hillbilly town, getting the worst directions ever, but 5 hours later we eventually made it back. I remember football games, dances and parties. I remember Hamshaw's and PMD, and the long weekend shifts when we felt terrible. I remember saying goodbye nonchalantly before I left for SC, and saying I would see you for my 21st. I remember the day I was at work, and looked at my phone and I had missed calls and messages from a bunch of people, and I remember not wanting to know what happened because I knew it was bad. I was not able to make it home for you services, I was a week late, and for that I am sorry. You were a smart, caring person, who had to much going for him to leave us so early. I hope your somewhere looking down on us having a good time and smiling. Steve, Marsha and Sara, if you ever need anything, please let me know. Seth liked to take care of people, we had that in common. I will light a candle tonight in memory of my friend, miss and love you bud! I will never forget! Close
Seth's Scholarship 2013  / Dad   Read >>
Seth's Scholarship 2013  / Dad
As in the past last night at MRHS Awards night Mr. Keith Wood did a wonderful job in presenting your scholarship. Keith always has a way with his approach with this presentation, always bringing a tear, and of course telling all just what kind of an athlete and human being you were. It was once again fitting that the award went to a four year athlete in both Baseball and Football, and this year that person was Will Kitterman. My congrats to Will and hope he made, and will make you proud. Love you Buddy. Close
Giving Back VII  / Dad   Read >>
Giving Back VII  / Dad
Once again on June 24th we held your golf outing to give back to the athletic organizations that you were a member of for so many years. As this event grows each year I'm so happy to see so many of your friends and supporters still with us. This year Andrew "Lippy" was able to win the event with his foursome, and for me because of what he has done over the years was a proud moment. So with the community and business associates we were once again able to raise the much needed funds thus allowing us to give back to Swanzey Cal Ripken Baseball, Monadnock Marauders, and the MRHS Football and Baseball teams. Although you were not physically with us on the golf course I know in my heart you were there with us, and laughing as much as the rest of us. So until a later time love and miss you Son. Close
Seth's Scholarship 2012  / Steve (Dad)  Read >>
Seth's Scholarship 2012  / Steve (Dad)
Once again last evening the scholarship in your namesake was presented at the scholastic awards night at MRHS. Seth again we chose Keith to do the presentation for us, and as usual he did a wonderful job. Keith has a very unique way in his dialogue in bringing back the so many memories we have of you, and what you also meant to so many people. As stated by Keith you would be very proud of this years recipient Jacob Dubois, but unfortunately due to the baseball championships Jacob was not present to receive the scholarship. As always love and miss you very much, and as I use to say to you keep your chin up and hit hard. It's kind of funny how you we use to communicate. Love you Buddy / Dad Close
Happy Birthday  / Hector Fontan (Phi Mu Delta Brother )  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Hector Fontan (Phi Mu Delta Brother )
Seth, Remembered the time I was in Keene and it was your 20th Birthday. The old Hotel was so much fun! Soon we will have the house back again. Fraternally, Hector "Skylab" Fontan Close
Giving Back VI  / Dad   Read >>
Giving Back VI  / Dad
This year was our sixth memorial golf outing in your honor Son and yes it was a huge success again. The tournament found 88 golfers on the course all attempting to win it. But as is the case always there is really only one winner, but this year Lippy's other half took second plac again. I think next year I will have to make sure the balls she is using are legit. I / We will once again donate all of the proceeds in your name to assist various sporting activities in the area that you had such an impact on yourself. As always you are extremely missed and loved and these outings keep all of our memories alive. Until we hook up again Seth. Love Dad Close
Seth's Scholarship 2011  / Dad   Read >>
Seth's Scholarship 2011  / Dad
Well Son last evening Keith presented your scholarship once again. Although the loss of you to another playing field has surely hit us hard and always will just knowing that we are able to give something meaningful in your namesake is a little comforting. So like in the past Keith stood up to the plate proud as could be and brought you back to us at least in memory and presented this years recipient Kyle Murray your MRHS scholarship. From what I've been told you would have approved with all of our decisions to select him. So next up will be the memorial golf outing to give back to the community for you and please assist us a little this year on the course. // Love Dad // Close
a seniors antics  / Sabrina (Family Friend )  Read >>
a seniors antics  / Sabrina (Family Friend )
I have become close to Sara these past few years and it is easy to see that her personality was shaped very much by Seth. The stories she tells really show that Seth was her best friend. I'm not sure that I ever actually spoke to Seth but after Sara printed a copy of his senior picture I was pretty well convinced that he was one of the seniors that sat a table away from me and my friends during lunch in 8th grade. They would tease us a bit and flirt with us and we loved it. Being an 8th grader and getting attention from a whole table of seniors was great and it was always entertaining. From the many stories Sara has told me about Seth making 8th graders blush was one of the dull moments in his life. Seth must be watching over his family because the amount of love that they have for him never goes away not even in death. I really feel like I knew him because of being close to Sara. I just wish I had more than one story to share as he seemed like a great friend to have! Close
Pledge Class 72  / Harold Amberg (Phi Mu Delta )  Read >>
Pledge Class 72  / Harold Amberg (Phi Mu Delta )
I never got to meet Seth but I have herd stories of him from the brothers of Phi Mu Delta. I am a member of the pledge class 72. I offer my personal condolences as well as those from my PC. Rest easy and live on forever.


Harold E. Amberg

PC72 historian. Close
To Seth's family  / Gayla Tardie   Read >>
To Seth's family  / Gayla Tardie
Last night my son Corey Brown received the "Seth Clark Player of the Year" award. It was easy to see and confirmed on this site how much Seth was loved and is missed by his family and friends. We are honored as is Corey that he received this and are very proud of him. Thank you. Close
Lasting Impressions  / Dad   Read >>
Lasting Impressions  / Dad
Last evening at the MRHS Football Awards night an award was giving out in your name. It was both rewarding and difficult to hear of your accomplishments while playing ball at MRHS,and more important the ever lasting impressions you left behind.The award was called the Seth Clark "Player of the Year" award and was presented to Cory Brown.It makes me real proud to be your father and as we know we will be together again so time in the future. I Love you Son / Dad. Close
Miss you  / Mom   Read >>
Miss you  / Mom

I can't beleive it's been almost 5 years. I miss  you more than ever but I see your smiling face all the time. You left us with many great memories. I love you always and forever


Giving Back V  / Dad   Read >>
Giving Back V  / Dad
It's hard to believe that this was our fifth golf outing in your honor Seth. We had extremely hot and humid weather with plenty of cold beverages to help us all get through the day and we did proudly. We even had someone attempt your drive off the T from a running start but it didn't happen. I think you're the only one that can do that. Seth with the 60 golfers we had on the course and the many hole sponsors we will once again be able to give back to those that gave to you. As in the past it doesn't get any easier but with close friends and support we can keep you close to us in many different ways. // Love Dad // Close
Seth Clark Memorial Scholarship '10  / Dad   Read >>
Seth Clark Memorial Scholarship '10  / Dad
Seth as in the past last evening your scholarship was presented to an individual that we all believe you would have been very proud of. This years recepient is Joshua Torrey and he like you put his heart and soul into all that he didboth on and off of the athletic fields. As you know I'm not really the guy to make the presentation so of course Keith stepped in again to do a wonderful job. All though it's still very hard to hold back the tears having Keith in our corner surely helps. Son keep smiling and watch over all of us and as we all know someday we will be together again. Love Dad Close
Miss you my friend  / Dan Mastrogiorgio (Friend)  Read >>
Miss you my friend  / Dan Mastrogiorgio (Friend)

Dear Seth


I can't believe it has been five years.  You taught me how to live my friend and I can't believe you are not here to experience me and tito's epicness.  I love you with all my heart and I look forward to seeing you first when my day comes.  I know when this first happened I hid behind Josh and Bobby but regardless I miss you.  I will never forget being woken up by Josh telling me the news after I fought you for hours with Bobby.  I love you man and I wish your family the best.  I regret everyday that I was there that night and didn't do more. I love you and I will stay forever young because of your epicness.  You are the fucking man and I know one day we will catch up.  Happy Birthday Seth.





st pattys day/early bday  / Bobby Tito (Freind)  Read >>
st pattys day/early bday  / Bobby Tito (Freind)

Happy early bday you old bastard... So its been 5 years and I still dont know what to say. I think about you everyday and mostly wonder what you would have accomplished up to this point in your life. haha your 26th bday is coming up wow. anyway i wish you could see how many people's lives you affected. Me Josh Brock Stro and the boys never forget you and at any event of any relevence we always toast to you because we all know youd be there and would pretty much be the life of the party. Ricky got married that was pretty crazy. him and mells made it up for your services which meant the world to me as i imagine it would of to you. we had a blast at Ricks wedding but it was really hard because we all wished you were there to celebrate. Your family has been incredibly strong through this. I cant even imagine how they have gotten this far. I try to check in on your sis now and then. Then theres Hamshaws haha. I worked there for 2 (or 3)summers after you made the departure. It was the hardest thing to do but i felt an obligation to do it. Dont know why maybe because I wanted to prove to myself that I could get thru it maybe because I felt like I owed your dad some support. He has been so strong thru this and Steve I really wish I could be there more for you. What else... oh yeah thanks for the harrassment on your facebook profile. haha immortal harrasment very nice. We miss you so much. Anyway its St. Pattys Day so I thought of you again. Hope all is well upstairs. PROVE IT ALL NIGHT.


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